Brilliant Idea from Unram’s Rector for Regional Development towards Indonesia Emas 2045

Rektor Unram saat menyampaikan ide brilian terkait pembangunan menuju Indonesia Emas 2045
banner 120x600|Jakarta – Prof. Ir. Bambang Hari Kusumo, M.Agr, St., Ph.D., the Rector of Mataram University (Unram), has put forward a brilliant idea regarding regional development. This revolutionary and innovative idea was shared by the Unram Rector as a guest speaker at the “Rector Speaks for Indonesia Emas 2045” event, held on Tuesday (6th June 2023) at the Ministry of National Development Planning/National Development Planning Agency (PPN/Bappenas) in Jakarta.

The event aimed to socialize and deepen the strategies for Indonesia’s development until 2045. The Unram Rector conveyed his ideas and brilliant concepts by drawing inspiration from the success of New Zealand in maximizing the utilization of natural resources, particularly the potential possessed by the West Nusa Tenggara Province (NTB).

He stated, “NTB has vast dry lands, incredible tourism potential like New Zealand, as well as rapidly growing sectors of livestock, agriculture, fisheries, seaweed, and lobster, which are exported worldwide. Moreover, there are still many other potentials”.

The Rector, who is also a Professor at the Faculty of Agriculture at Unram, explained that the region’s potential forms the basis for a country’s development.

He added, “Although tourism and airport development in NTB have made significant progress, the immense potential of the dry lands has yet to be fully utilized”.

Furthermore, the Unram Rector revealed that they have presented a challenge to lecturers and researchers to find effective irrigation solutions to make the vast dry lands in NTB productive. He also encouraged the application of technology in the field of water management.

He emphasized, “My suggestion is that national development should take into account the potential of each region, and universities need to actively participate in this development focus”.

The Unram Rector also shared some of the innovations that Unram has accomplished, including the development of Lamtoro Beef, which is beef obtained from Lamtoro feed resulting from the crossbreeding of local Lamtoro and Lamtoro from Hawaii.

He explained, “In addition, a collaboration with Australia has led to the creation of Lamtoro Taramba, which contains 25 percent protein. This Lamtoro plant thrives in dry lands”.

Therefore, the Unram Rector hopes that the government can support the extensive development of Unram’s achievements, considering that Lamtoro Taramba has the potential to produce high-quality meat comparable to New Zealand or Japan.

He stated, “Thus, technological innovation and the role of universities can be optimized”.

In conclusion, the Unram Rector expressed his readiness to accept challenges from the Ministry regarding regional development, particularly in NTB. (anie/w-002)